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Own Your Goodness

The Goodness Initiative

The Goodness Initiative

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Jason McIvor, COO/Co-Founder, Saint Michael Foods

In this world, we have the capability to do so much good for ourselves, for our family, for our societies. There is goodness in each and every one of us. At Saint Michael Foods, our core mission is to deliver the goodness of this earth through buckwheat products. So our customers can in turn, express their goodness, onto this world. And together, we just make a better place.


The Be BUCK Own Your Goodness initiative finds people that are owning their truly great self, with a little bit of swagger and with a whole lot of goodness. Maybe it’s a little gesture, maybe it’s a bigger focus. It could be somebody that helps their neighbour, a community or have a cool initiative.


At Saint Michael Foods we are wanting to be a force for good things. We want to recognize and celebrate goodness. This campaign is looking for individuals who are being BUCK and delivering goodness. When we find them we will find a way to celebrate and deliver some BUCK™ goodness to them with our BUCK™ products.


Check back for more as we continue to evolve this initiative.

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