Don't cry over spilled milk...

It could've 

been BUCK


Discover the delicious flavours of BUCK - a delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen friendly -  made from clean, simple ingredients.  Our culture is about BUCKing the trend and being bold and bringing out the best of this mighty seed that is a natural nutrition powerhouse and a seed that replenishes the earth for other plants to grow that is harvested in Canada and the United States.  A tribute to our farmers of North America.

Buckwheat Field


Buckwheat is not a grain; it's a fruit seed. Who knew? What do you get when you transform this small but mighty seed into a beverage? A nutritional superdrink that tastes kick-ass and benefits the body. Are you ready to kick regular moo to the curb?

Marble Surface

We all scream for ice cream! You'll go BUCKwild for our decadent slow-melt BUCK-elato flavours, and that's a promise. Creamy, dreamy, and delightfully dairy-free.

BUCK Chocolate ice cream
Buckwheat berries in wooden spoons
Friends gathering

Our Story

A team of radical enthusiasts who are here to BUCK the trend and drive change for the better—one sip and spoonful at a time. We made the bold move as the first to commercially use buckwheat as a dairy alternative and protein source,  We create products that promote better health, brighter futures, and replenished earth for our Canadian and North American farmers. That's what we call a glass half full.  The other half is our great tasting and delicious food and beverage creations. Starting line up of Buckwheat Milk and Buckwheat Ice Cream Gelato.

Close up view of buckwheat berries

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