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our world needs love.

Our way of giving back to this world, our planet, is to ... 

make delicious and  great tasting


promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for


use ingredients that help replenish the earth and our



Saint Michael Foods, through the use of plant based ingredients to produce BUCK helps sequester carbon from the atmosphere, known as biosequestration.  Plants take carbon-dioxide from our atmosphere and uses it to  produce oxygen.

We want to make delicious and clean tasting food and in the process to be mindful of doing  even more to help  reduce global warming and climate change.  Our choice to use buckwheat as the main ingredient in our delicious food  and beverages enables us too achieve that goal.

Farmers love buckwheat because it requires less agricultural inputs to grow.  What that means is that buckwheat requires   less of everything like moisture (or water), little or no chemicals such as  fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.  This makes it an ideal crop that makes it great for the environment and our planet.



Our mission includes our support to local farmers that work the fields and forms the backbone of agri-food security. 


Locally grown buckwheat are used to make our delicious products for everyone, young and old, and consumers that have gluten sensitivities, dairy intolerances, and food allergies to enjoy and love.


Our love for making this impact on people’s lives is our hope for that love, ease , and joy to spread to people around them.

Buckwheat is a nutritional powerhouse that is gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen friendly, contains 8+ essential amino acids, promotes a happy heart, helps control blood sugar, and contains antioxidants that is known to prevent certain types of cancers. 


We love this small seed! Buckwheat, as it gives love back to the farmer, provides love back to the earth, and provides all that love to people that consume it.