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BUCK™ Buckwheat Mylk (dairy milk alternative) Original
Farmer (Image by Zoe Schaeffer)
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Wellness Wonders of Vancouver


Vancouver's wellness scene is thriving, and I'm thrilled to share that BestStartup has just unveiled its list of the top 15 wellness companies... READ MORE...

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Revolutionizing Dairy Alternatives with Buckwheat


In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at BUCK™, its mission to make the planet healthier, and its innovative use of buckwheat to create wickedly delicious and nutritious dairy alternatives ...  READ MORE

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Vegan Marketing Success Stories


We learned about a video campaign BUCK had done to try and attract local celebrity Ryan Reynolds, to help them deliver their products to schools and families.  READ MORE

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GAME CHANGERS: Canadian Opportunities In Alternative Protein


By 2035, it is estimated that one in ten servings of meat, eggs, and dairy will be from non-traditional sources, including those derived from plants, algae, fermentation, cellular agriculture, insects or other methods of protein generation that are not dependent on animals ...  (featured on Page 28)  READ MORE

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Dao Foods China-Focused Alternative Protein


SHANGHAI, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dao Foods International today welcomes its third cohort of China-focused alternative protein ventures under its Dao Foods Incubator initiative ...  READ MORE

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Six Incredible Plant-Based Brands from BC


From November 20th to 21st, over 8000 people gathered at Vancouver’s yearly Planted Expo convention. At Canada’s largest plant-based event, ticket-holders were treated to...  READ MORE

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BUCK Wins 2021 Product of the Year


Saint Michael Foods Limited celebrates its first big win after learning that their BUCK Strawberry Sass plant-based gelato was declared Planted Expo 2021 Product of the Year. The signature ... READ MORE

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Food Trends Spotted at CHFA


Slant-based. Sustainability. Clean ingredients: These enduring food trends were highly visible at the Canadian Health Food Association’s (CHFA’s) Connect virtual trade show in September.... READ MORE...

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Vancouver-Made Buckwheat Mylk makes a play for ...


I grew up in the '90s, when cow-milk mania was at a fever pitch. I had a full glass each night to accompany my dinner, and every time I opened YM magazine ...   READ MORE

Side Dishes @ Vancouver Sun


If you drink dairy alternatives, check out BUCK made from Canadian buckwheat by a socially conscious company. The 'mylk' is gluten-free, vegan and nut free. It's nutritious with ...  READ MORE

Make Way for BUCK, North America's First Buckwheat Milk



BUCK gluten and dairy-free vegan milk now available at select stores across BC. Vancouver-based dairy alternatives producer, Saint Michael Foods, is proud to unveil BUCK Original Milk ...  READ MORE

Buckwheat gelato created by former Penticton chef

Carli Berry |


A Penticton man created a recipe for a gelato that may be the first of its kind. Penticton resident, Olivier Schittecatte, works with BUCK, a Lower Mainland brand with ties to the Okanagan, and...  READ MORE...

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