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Founder Peter Y. is a father of two. His kids, like many, have a soft spot for sweets but a low tolerance for dairy products. They loved the flavour of traditional ice cream and dairy milks, and weren't fond of the dairy-free alternatives on the market. And so, Peter's vision of designing a product that he would be proud to feed to his children was born. A rebel with a cause, he buckled down, did the research, and made it his personal mission to craft a milk replacement with integrity—anything less wasn't an option. Though bringing ease into his kids' lives was a large driver for the inception of his products, his vision was much bigger; Peter set out to create something meaningful that would give back to the environment and the country he proudly calls home. It would have quality ingredients, no allergens, and be free of ingredients that he—and his children—could not pronounce.  Equal parts heart and grit, Peter rounded up a crew of radical enthusiasts to champion and enliven the BUCK brand with an initial line of great tasting non-GMO and vegan buckwheat mylk and buckwheat gelato products.


Meet Peter Y. 


Peter is BUCK's fearless leader and visionary. A technologist and entrepreneur, he enjoys living an active, healthy lifestyle in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two young children.  He has traveled to countries in Asia, South America, and Europe and started his journey in Silicon Valley, where he lived for nearly 10 years.

Peter has been involved in several startups and mergers and acquisitions of Internet, technology, and outsourcing service companies. Over the last decade, Peter has taken a particular interest in clean-label ingredients and plant-based foods to accommodate his wife and children's severe intolerance to allergens like gluten, nuts and dairy.  Peter graduated from Simon Fraser University with a B.Applied Sc. degree in Computer Science and Math; he furthered his studies at The University of International Business and Economics (China), with a Diploma in China Economics.


Peter's vision for BUCK was rooted in bringing ease into his own family members' lives with delicious and nourishing products. He is passionate about sharing this goodness with the rest of the world too.

Meet Olivier S. 


Olivier is BUCK's culinary mastermind. He's who our fans have to thank for the irresistible product flavour and consistency found in each of our buckwheat-infused products. Originally from Brussels and classically trained in French cuisine, Olivier knew from a young age that he was passionate about the art and science behind food composition.

Olivier has a Bachelor of Science (SFU) as well as a MA in Education (UBC). Olivier’s thirst for knowledge and knowledge sharing also expressed itself in a role as head instructor for a private cooking school in Vancouver.  These days you will find Olivier in Penticton studying varied topics such as cutting techniques using Japanese knives, wine making, and charcuterie when not developing product profiles for Saint Michael Foods.

As a lover of all cultures and cuisines, Olivier brings a dynamic set of experiences to BUCK, where he's able to exercise creativity while writing and perfecting recipes for our indulgent and nutritious dairy replacements.  


Meet Jason M.



 ​Jason steers BUCK's strategy and execution, and his prior experience as VP of Business Development and Cryopeak LNG Solutions coupled with his experience in a range of industries, including health, software and energy make him an expert in his craft. He is a practioner and guru of Pure Positive Perspective, intimate with inspired thought which often helps inform his decisions in business.  Meaning, when you think of a decision, does it meet your "love to love" thoughts and make you think, "Yes, that's a great idea. I would love to love to do that!"


Jason is transfixed on allowing his best self to be constantly present, while being a catalyst in helping others uncover their best selves. He's a big believer in celebrating wins, whether they are big, small, his, or yours. He focuses on positive possibilities with everyone in our ecosystem, from the farmers to our customers!

Jason's favourite part about BUCK is the whole concept of giving back to those who support you, similar to the way that buckwheat fixes nitrogen back to the soil. He loves 
clarity in decision making, strategy, as it relates to market penetration, and also loves tasting great products and building powerful teams.